• Who we are?

    Who we are?

  • Flow and fun

    Flow and fun

    Our goal is to offer you adventure on flowy ride and share our love for mountainbiking and travels.

  • Share & discover

    Share & discover

    Flow is important for us, but we also take care about discovering and meeting.

  • Flow first

    Flow first

    We prefer small groups of equal level to get the most flowy and fun sessions.

  • 25 years of riding at your service

    25 years of riding at your service

    More than a quarter century in mountainbiking. We will understand us for sure when talking about ride.

Cycling is a job ... ours.

As mountain bike guides and instructors, we do more than just bike along the road.
With 30 years of experience in the field of mountain biking,
we open the doors to new perspectives on the handlebars of your bike.

  • "Cycling is not a job"

    The Society (1976)

    It is undoubtedly in this affirmation often hammered during my youth that we must go to find the roots of Exoride.

    En 1980, âgé d'à peine 4 ans, le vélo a été le moteur de mes premières émotions en vélo et mes premiers effleurements du bonheur apporté par l'évasion et la liberté.

    In 1980, just four years old, the bike was the motor of my first emotions on the bike and my first touches of the happiness brought by the escape and the freedom.

    During the summer of 1989, while walking with family on the heights of Lourdes during the holidays, my path crosses a small hut in which we can rent Peugeot mountainbike ... my eyes of kids have twinkled so much at the sight of this true mountain bike, that mom had no choice but to give me a half-hour rental, which turned into a second half-hour, graciously offered by the owner surprised by my agility and my motivation .... the virus was definitely implanted, and all my savings are destined to acquire one of these marvels of technologies.

    Between hotel school, computer training, product manager for a bike brand, downhill and XC competitions, I spend most of my career trying to find a balance between work and pleasure, but, despite the rigor of everyday life and the pressure social, I always refuse to see go out the little voice that I have since my childhood ...

    Injuries and growing disinterest for the competition in favor of long walks on the trails of the Swiss Alps, a trip to Morocco, a new family situation and a deep questioning about my goals and my priorities It is in 2010 that life will finally have makes sure to put me at the foot of the wall with a series of events that will lead me willingly or forcibly to embark on the adventure ... it's decided, riding a bike will be my job.

    Share the passion of mountain biking and travel, take you off the beaten track to meet other people and perhaps even yourself, so that you too can find for a moment at least those dreams of children at home. bike handlebars and escape from everyday life for unforgettable trips to the most beautiful trails on the planet.

    Exoride is nothing more than the addition of the fragments of a life totally dedicated to cycling to make you live a sporting and human experience unique in its kind.

    Finally, with Exoride, today we can proudly affirm ...

    "Cycling is a real job, ours."

    Christian Dassi
    MTB guide & C.E.O.

  • "Exoride is the result of 30 years of practice in mountainbiking and 10 years in the MTB guiding business. We are here to share with you all the emotions that emanate from our sports experiences."

    We are convinced that we have discovered the magic recipe to offer the ideal mix for a true mountain bike adventure and we are here to share it with you.

    What makes the difference with other agencies and mountain bike guides, is that we consider the practice of mountain biking through the trip as sports and human adventures and not banal mountain bike holidays between dolce vita and jacuzzi. At Exoride, we understood through our different expeditions that mountain biking is the ideal tool to quickly get off classic routes and mix emotions, thrills and surpassing oneself.

    Attach your bike on the back of a mule to reach a distant pass, before reaching a remote village and share a typical meal with a family of native people while enjoying incredible trails flanked by wilderness, this is our daily life and the hundreds of riders who share our MTB adventures and raids each year.

    More than just a bike trip, by joining our MTB adventures, you will live a human adventure that will without a doubt put your certainty on others and on yourself.

    Deeply in love with our adopted home Valais, we also want to share our knowledge of the Swiss Alps by making this destination.

    We do not want to be elitist, and we like to see the arrival of new practitioners in the discipline, and we also attach particular care to initiate and support in their progression every mountainbike and e-bike.

  • A passionate team at your service

    • Chris


    • Marcela


      Do you share our vision of mountain bike guidance, are you talented on a bike and have a great personality? Contact us!



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    • Une question?

    N'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous vous répondrons avec plaisir et dans les plus brefs délais.

    What is my technical level?

    • Level 1/4

    You already practice mountain biking and are already able to control your speed and your trajectories on uneven ground, lightly steep and without exposure. You can ride shorter, more technical portions on your local courses.

    • Level 2/4

    You are a regular practitioner with past experiences on mountainous terrain. You control the ascent and descent on trails from moderate to steep sometimes with natural obstacles such as roots or rocks. You are able to cross small steps or rocks up to 20 centimeters high, uphill and downhill. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

    • Level 3/4

    You are a regular practitioner who appreciates technical and steep trails. You are comfortable on the dry as in the fat, uphill as downhill. You are able to easily ride a red track in a bikepark, climb steps up to 30 centimeters, uphill and downhill, and make small jumps in a controlled manner when the terrain requires it. In addition, you are comfortable with the exhibition. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

    • Level 4/4

    You are an experienced practitioner with more than five years of regular practice. Your skills allow you to confidently tackle all types of natural or artificial obstacles. Wet roots, stones, very steep terrain, tight pins requiring noseturns, jumps, gaps and drops. You are comfortable on courses classified black bikepark or have already participated in several competitions. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

    • A doubt about your level?

    If you live in Suisse Romande or in the region, do not hesitate to join one of our MTB clinics.

    What is my physical level?

    • Level 1/4

    You are rather sporty and do regular physical activities. You are able to do about 3 to 4 hours of regular mountain biking on a daily basis over a period of up to 4 consecutive days.

    • Level 2/4

    You are a regular sportsman and do physical activities of about half an hour at least 2 to 3 times a week. You are able to do about 4 to 6 hours of mountain biking daily at a steady pace over a period of up to 6 consecutive days. You are also able to push and carry your MTB on long portions.

    • Level 3/4

    You are a regular sportsman and do physical activities of about 45 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week. You are able to do 6 hours or more of ATV every day by feeling comfortable in the effort at a steady pace over a period of up to 6 consecutive days. You are also able to make long climbs push and carry your MTB on long runs.

    • Level 4/4

    You are an experienced sportsman and do physical activities of 45 minutes or more at least 5 times a week. You are able to do 6 hours or more of mountainbiking daily by feeling comfortable in the effort at a steady pace over a period of more than 6 consecutive days. You are also able to make long climbs push and carry your mountainbike on long runs.

    What material?

    • The bike

    Suitable for MTB and E-MTB

    SUitable for MTB but not for E-MTB

    Suitable for E-MTB but not for MTB


    To make the most of this program, only all-mountain / enduro all-suspension bicycles (between 140 and 180 front-to-rear travel) are allowed in order to respect the homogeneity of the group. If this program is for e-bikes, the battery should offer good autonomy.

    If you do not have a suitable mountainbike or e-mountainbike or do not want to travel with your own, Exoride offers MTB or e-MTB rental at a good price. This option is available in the registration form.

    If you come with your own bike, thank you to have it completely revised in a shop and change the wear parts before your departure (tires, brake pads, ...)
    • The rider

    A complete and detailed list of the equipment to be provided will be sent to you before your departure. For the ride, you will need to be equipped with an enduro jet helmet or with detachable chin strap (highly recommended), kneepads, a windbreaker, a backpack with integrated protection, a multitool, a replacement derailleur hanger for your bike, an inner tube with presta valve and a survival blanket.

    Exoride offers advantageous packs for the rental of certain protections. These options are available in the registration form for this trip.

    What assurances?

    • Illness and accident

    Health and accident insurance coverage is mandatory. You must make sure that it covers you in the mountain biking and risky sports, the mountain air evacuation in the country of the stay of your choice.

    In addition to your insurance, we strongly encourage you to join the REGA so to complete your services in the event of an accident in the mountains.

    • Cancellation

    Do not risk losing the cost of your stay or your flight in case of injury, illness or personal emergency. Purchase a cancellation insurance or check the coverage of this kind of damage. By paying your stay and your flight with your Mastercard or Visa credit card you can already be insured to cover these costs.

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