• Raid VTT en Géorgie

mountainbike trip in Georgia & Caucasusride trhough the imposing Caucasus mountains, passing old churches, fortresses, glaciers and ancient fortresses.

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia offers stunning landscapes, cultural and architectural points of interest, adventure and flow.

Tech(?) 3/4
Fit(?) 3/4
Duration 11 days

Day 1 - arrival in Tbilisi

On your arrival in Tiblisi, you will be picked up immediately at the airport. After mounting your bike, we will hit the road, leaving the capital to gradually immerse ourselves into the mountainous and wild regions of the Caucasus. After a car transfer of about 4 hours on a scenic road, during which you will get a taste of the imposing Caucasus Mountains and rural villages, we will get the legs moving.  We will ride down a stunning mountain pass to our traditional guest house located in an ancient citadel at the bottom of a valley, which will be an overview of the magnificent landscapes for the days to come. We will visit the historic citadel, with perfectly preserved ancient building and fortresses, before enjoying a wholesome typical dinner at our guest house.

Transfer (4h). Dinner at typical restaurant and night at guest house, wi-fi available.

Distance 10kms
elevation gain 100m
vertical drop 700m

Day 2 Mtskheta-Mtianeti area

After a hearty breakfast at the feet of the towering mountains to give us the energy for the big day ahead, we will embark on a one-hour car transfer on a sinous dirtroad. We will meet our team of horsemen and faithful horses who will carry our bikes, relieving our shoulders and leggs for a 6-hour walk up to an impressive mountain pass, to let us enjoy the beautiful and diverse landscapes that will unfold as gradually as the climb.

This will be the first stage of a two-day back-packing traverse, which will not only be visually rewarding, but also a great starting point for the two adveture-packed days to come.

You will be stunned by the pristine and lush landscapes of the firs section of the trail, which will become more  alpine looking as we reach the pass at 3'500 meters altitude. At the top of the pass, we will be rewarded with an exhilarating descent of unparalelled flow on schist and breathtaking views of a deep valley surrounded by imposing green velvet mountains , which will take us to our camp site for the night a few hundred meters down.

Distance 25kms
elevation gain 1'600m
vertical drop 400m

Dinner and night at campsite, weather conditions permitting.

day 3 - Kakheti area

We will greet the caucasus sunrise enjoyig a simple yet energy-packed breakfast whilst admiring the seemingly endless and wild valley before us. It is time to get back on the serpentine trail from the day before. But first we will fold our tents, which our trusty horses will carry to our next guesthouse for the evening, and fill our backpacks with enough food and water to last for the day.

We have an exhilarating yet physically demanding day ahead. The trail, which oscillates up and down the towering mountains,  will reward us with incredibly flowy sections but also some attention-demanding technical bits. On occassion, we will need to get our feet wet to cross the river and keep our balance whilst crossing makeshift bridges. No civilization in sight, other than ancient fortresses towering on the side of the trail, you will trully get a sense of being in a remote and wild place. Afterall, this place is known for being one of the wildest regions in Georgia. 

At the end of the day, we will arrive in a historic village with stone houses and towers and our hungry bellies will be rewarded at a typical restuarant. We will taste mouth watering local delicacies such as Kinkalis (dumplings) and Kachapuri (cheese-filled bread), with a small glass of Georgian wine or a shot of Cha Cha (for the more adventurous).

Our drivers will pick us up here to take us to our cozy guest house for the evening, where a mouthwatering feast of local food will be waiting for us. 

Distance 40kms
elevation gain 500m
vertical drop 1'200m

Dinner and night at guest house.

day 4 - Kakheti area

With the thrill of the epic riding from the previous two days still lingering, you will be fresh as a daisy after a comfortable night's sleep in our guest house. Another day packed with adventure and spectacular views awaits. We will horse shuttle on our way up to give our legs a break and save our energy for an exhilarating descent.  This time the scenery for our ride will be a pristine alpine lake surrounded by the evergreen rugged mountains, where we will ride down an incredibly flowy trail zigzagging through prairies and pine forests. 

Glad that the horses will have relieved our achy legs from hiking our bikes two hours, we willbe able to contemplate the magnificent views of this place, which is a national park and where wildlife abounds. After we reach the summit, we will join the horses and assemble our bikes to attack the fast and flowy descent. 

Once at the bottom, we will meet our drivers to embark on a two-hour transfer which will take us to a new mountain pass, from where we will be riding downhill more than 30 kms  with plunging views of a vast valley. We will hop back on our vehicles at the bottom for a long transfer of 5 hours to our next guest house, which you will quickly forget the next morning when you discover our next riding spot.

Distance 50kms
Elevation gain 1'100m
Vertical drop 3'100m

Transfer (5h). Dinner and night at guest house.

Day 5 - Mtskheta-Mtianeti area

Awakened by the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee and by the neighing noises of horses, which will be carrying our bikes uphill once again, we will start our hike from a vast plateau which will turn into a steep climb. We will gain altitude quickly following a vertiginous trail with stunning views of alpine lakes and glaciers, under the distant sight of the iconic Mount Kazbeg. The climb will be rewarded with spectacular views of peaks ressembling the Italian Dolomites and with a sumptuous trail, combining just the right amount of flow and technical terrain. 

We will finish the day with a short car transfer of 40 minutes to find our next family-owned guest house and enjoy a traditional Georgian meal.

Distance 20kms
elevation gain De 1'500m
vertical drop 2'000m

Transfer (40 min.). Dinner and night at guest house.

day 6 - Mtskheta-Mtianeti area

Today is rest day for our trusty horses, and it will be up to us to hike/ ride our bikes uphill. As we push our bikes up and pedal towards an inviting ridge, we will have the time to admire the magnificent landscape with its imposing Caucasus Mountains and a historic monastery overlooking a valley. 

As we reach the top, we will be greeted by magnificent views of the iconinc Mount Kazbek with the Gergeti Glacier sliding through its slopes. We will have time to take some pictures in front of this dormant volcano of more than 5'000 meters, an unforgettable moment, before riding along this beautiful ridge plunging down towards the valley.

It is time to load the bikes into our shuttles and hit the road again for a transfer of five hours. Our journey in the Khazbegi region is coming to an end, but  it is time to discover a new region. 

Distance 18kms
elevation gain 1'200m
vertical drop 1'500m

Transfer (5h). Dinner and night at guest house.

day 7 - imereti / Svaneti area

After a comfortable night at the hotel and a short visit in the city of Borjomi, well known for its spring water, we will hit the road to enjoy a new ride at the foot of the impressive Mount Ushba, which will serve as the backdrop for our next epic rides. In the evening, a succulent Georgian meal filled with culinary specialties and the exquisite aroma of this region will be waiting for us to give us the energy for the long day of riding the next day.

Distance 12kms
elevation gain 100m
vertical drop 700m

Transfer (3 h). Dinner at restaurant and night at guest house.

day 8 - Svaneti area

After a hearty breakfast, and a quick one-hour transfer, we will be ready for another memorable day,  with a long crossing from the heights of a beautiful valley with a lot of pedaling on an alpine singletrack and a few punchy hike a bike sections. As we pedal, we will admire the lushness of the veggetation even at altitude and a set of small alpine lakes with surprising colors. After a last look at the imposing Mount Ushba and surrounding peaks and glaciers, we will drop on a winding and flowy trails with cheeky switchbacks and some technical passages. Once at the bottom, we will find our vehicles for a 30 minute ride back to our guest house where we will remember the highlights of the  the day.

Distance 25kms
elevation gain 1'000m
vertical drop 2'000m

 Dinner at restaurant and night at guest house.

day 9 - Svaneti area

We have saved the best for last. This will probably be one of the best and most scenic rides of your lives. Accompanied by horses one last time, we will embark on a long hike through picturesque prairies to reach a breathtaking ridge between imposing glaciers and vertiginous waterfalls on one side, and breathtaking views of the valley on the other. All that remains is to let yourself go down this dreamy scenery and enjoy one last time the unparalleled playground and virgin trails of the Caucasus. When we return to the valley, it will be time to get back on our vehicles and head back back to Tbilisi. Get yourselves comfortable as this will be a long transfer. 

Distance De 30 à 60 kms
elevation gain De 100 à 500m
vertical drop De 2'000 à 4'000m

Transfert to Tiblisi (9h). Dinner at restaurant and night at hotel.

day 10 - Tbilisi 

After this fantastic ride across the Caucasus, it is time to put away our bikes and enjoy the culture and night life of the capital with its mix of modern and tradition.

Dinner at restaurant and night at hotel.

day 11 - Tbilisi 

It is time to pack our bags and get ready to leave Georgia with the inevitable feeling of having experienced an extraordinary adventure.

Transfer to the airport, depending on your departure times.


This program can be easily adapteted and customized to your needs if you are a group of 4 people or more. Please contact us to organize a custom program.


What our customers think

Exoride - MTB Guiding & Coaching georgia
Curchod Pierregeorgia
5 out of 5 stars

Petit groupe d'amis pratiquant régulièrement le VTT, nous avons découvert des paysages et des sentiers extraordinaires. Le choix des traces était tout à fait adapté à notre niveau et notre guide a su prendre en compte les niveaux variés du groupe. Nous ne pouvons que conseiller Exoride. Merci encore à notre guide et notre chauffeur.

Exoride - MTB Guiding & Coaching georgia
Fabrice Cagnazzogeorgia
5 out of 5 stars

J'ai passé une superbe journée, les trails étaient vraiment fantastique et le team super sympa et cool. Je recommande. Merci encore pour cette journée.

Exoride - MTB Guiding & Coaching georgia
Quentin Singergeorgia
5 out of 5 stars

Merci pour cette excellente journée. Déjà 2 cours pris avec Exoride, les deux fois un pur bonheur ! Christian est très sympa et pédagogique, il sait tirer le meilleurs de chacun. Je recommande vivement. Merci encore !

Exoride - MTB Guiding & Coaching georgia
Romy Alyssa Ltrngeorgia
5 out of 5 stars

Excellent cours: ludique, pédagogique, dynamique, personnalisé... Tout ce qu'on souhaite d'un cours de VTT s'y trouvait. C'était une journée de cours géniale et très appréciée. Je recommande vivement ! Merci

Exoride - MTB Guiding & Coaching georgia
Lili Firebirdygeorgia
5 out of 5 stars

Après 1/2 jour de cours de vtt privé, je conseilles vivement un cours chez Exoride pour débuter dans la discipline ou améliorer sa technique! Bonne organisation, parcours adapté au niveau et prix raisonnable. Christian est pédagogue, patient et sympathique. J'ai beaucoup appris lors de ces quelques heures, à refaire!

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Price/pers :
1'940 CHF / 1'690 €*
*Please read the complete program to know what is included in the price.

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  • vtt georgie caucase
    vtt georgie caucase
    vtt georgie caucase
    vtt georgie caucase
    vtt georgie caucase
    vtt georgie caucase
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What is included

  • Expert MTB guide
  • Transfers from/to Tiblisi airport
  • Internal transfers & private shuttles
  • Driver(s)
  • Mechanical support
  • Accomodations in guesthouses and hotels
  • Breakfast, lunches and dinners (except in Tbilisi)
  • Technical tips
  • Videos and photos

What is not inclued

  • International flight to/from Tiblisi
  • Bike & equipment rental (?)
  • Misc. taxes
  • Personal insurances  (?)
  • Soft drinks, snacks and alcohol
  • Optional tipping for the staff


Extra stay
  • Do you want to stay before or after your Khachapu'Ride trip? We can help you with hotel bookings and informations. Please contact us.
  • Want to share your georgian experience with non-practicing family or friends? We can offer a parallel program during the journey.
Bike rental
  • You don't have the right bicycle for this trip or don't want to travel with yours? We have recent mountainbike models in excellent conditions for rental.

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"To stay is to exist,

But to travel, is to live"

Gustave Nadaud

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What is my technical level?

  • Level 1/4

You already practice mountain biking and are already able to control your speed and your trajectories on uneven ground, lightly steep and without exposure. You can ride shorter, more technical portions on your local courses.

  • Level 2/4

You are a regular practitioner with past experiences on mountainous terrain. You control the ascent and descent on trails from moderate to steep sometimes with natural obstacles such as roots or rocks. You are able to cross small steps or rocks up to 20 centimeters high, uphill and downhill. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

  • Level 3/4

You are a regular practitioner who appreciates technical and steep trails. You are comfortable on the dry as in the fat, uphill as downhill. You are able to easily ride a red track in a bikepark, climb steps up to 30 centimeters, uphill and downhill, and make small jumps in a controlled manner when the terrain requires it. In addition, you are comfortable with the exhibition. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

  • Level 4/4

You are an experienced practitioner with more than five years of regular practice. Your skills allow you to confidently tackle all types of natural or artificial obstacles. Wet roots, stones, very steep terrain, tight pins requiring noseturns, jumps, gaps and drops. You are comfortable on courses classified black bikepark or have already participated in several competitions. Your experience lets you know when to walk when the terrain becomes too exposed or dangerous.

  • A doubt about your level?

If you live in Suisse Romande or in the region, do not hesitate to join one of our MTB clinics.

What is my physical level?

  • Level 1/4

You are rather sporty and do regular physical activities. You are able to do about 3 to 4 hours of regular mountain biking on a daily basis over a period of up to 4 consecutive days.

  • Level 2/4

You are a regular sportsman and do physical activities of about half an hour at least 2 to 3 times a week. You are able to do about 4 to 6 hours of mountain biking daily at a steady pace over a period of up to 6 consecutive days. You are also able to push and carry your MTB on long portions.

  • Level 3/4

You are a regular sportsman and do physical activities of about 45 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week. You are able to do 6 hours or more of ATV every day by feeling comfortable in the effort at a steady pace over a period of up to 6 consecutive days. You are also able to make long climbs push and carry your MTB on long runs.

  • Level 4/4

You are an experienced sportsman and do physical activities of 45 minutes or more at least 5 times a week. You are able to do 6 hours or more of mountainbiking daily by feeling comfortable in the effort at a steady pace over a period of more than 6 consecutive days. You are also able to make long climbs push and carry your mountainbike on long runs.

What material?

  • The bike

Suitable for MTB and E-MTB

SUitable for MTB but not for E-MTB

Suitable for E-MTB but not for MTB


To make the most of this program, only all-mountain / enduro all-suspension bicycles (between 140 and 180 front-to-rear travel) are allowed in order to respect the homogeneity of the group. If this program is for e-bikes, the battery should offer good autonomy.

If you do not have a suitable mountainbike or e-mountainbike or do not want to travel with your own, Exoride offers MTB or e-MTB rental at a good price. This option is available in the registration form.

If you come with your own bike, thank you to have it completely revised in a shop and change the wear parts before your departure (tires, brake pads, ...)
  • The rider

A complete and detailed list of the equipment to be provided will be sent to you before your departure. For the ride, you will need to be equipped with an enduro jet helmet or with detachable chin strap (highly recommended), kneepads, a windbreaker, a backpack with integrated protection, a multitool, a replacement derailleur hanger for your bike, an inner tube with presta valve and a survival blanket.

Exoride offers advantageous packs for the rental of certain protections. These options are available in the registration form for this trip.

What assurances?

  • Illness and accident

Health and accident insurance coverage is mandatory. You must make sure that it covers you in the mountain biking and risky sports, the mountain air evacuation in the country of the stay of your choice.

In addition to your insurance, we strongly encourage you to join the REGA so to complete your services in the event of an accident in the mountains.

  • Cancellation

Do not risk losing the cost of your stay or your flight in case of injury, illness or personal emergency. Purchase a cancellation insurance or check the coverage of this kind of damage. By paying your stay and your flight with your Mastercard or Visa credit card you can already be insured to cover these costs.

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