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Exoride offers trips ATV enduro, Freeride or DH on a day, mainly in the Swiss and French Alps. Open to all to discover beautiful spots, mainly in the Valais, the Alpes Vaudoises, the Jura and the Haute-Savoie.

It is possible to privatize the ATV tours below for the dates of your choice for a groups of 5 riders and more. Feel free to contact us to book your mountain biking tour at the date of your choice.

The Brazilian - trail enduro biking in Valais2000 m of negative elevation in a sumptuous setting. One of the most famous trails for mountain biking in the Valais.

The 10-08-2014 8:00
To the 10-08-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 09-08-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

ATV enduro in ValaisMagnificent session enduro trails on the heights of the Rhone Valley and the Valais Alps. The program, 4 runs to a minimum in the vicinity of Martigny. This output is intended for regular practitioners.

The 06-09-2014 8:00
To the 06-09-2014 17:00
Reg. timeout. 01-09-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

ATV enduro saint bernard ferret valaisA beautiful route between Valais and Italy where you will discover beautiful lakes of altitude in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The 20-09-2014 8:00
To the 20-09-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 15-09-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

Hiking mountain biking in Nax - Hérémence - ValaisDeparting from Nax, you will discover beautiful singles with fort overlooking the pyramids of Euseigne.

The 21-09-2014 8:00
To the 21-09-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 20-09-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

Discovery of the trails of the Rochers de Naye - intermediate - advanced. Mandatory full protections (full-face helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, back protector or backpack.

The 11-10-2014 8:00
To the 11-10-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 10-10-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 120.00CHF

ATV enduro in Valais - Vallée du Trient

A wonderful descendant enduro route that traverses the Trient Valley, offering stunning views of the Mont-Blanc, les Marécottes and the Emosson dam.

The 12-10-2014 8:00
To the 12-10-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 08-10-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

ATV enduro at the Portal de FullyThe portal of Fully ascent and descent on fun and moderately technical trails in beautiful surroundings. Most of the ascent is made with the iZibus bus. 30 minutes from portage / pushing to reach the Summit and enjoy an incredibly player trail.

The 18 2014-10-8:00
To the 18-10-2014 18:00
Reg. timeout. 15-10-2014 0:00
Price/PAX 90.00CHF

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